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Don’s Fiddle Shop

Welcome to Don’s Fiddle Shop, high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Thanks for stopping by.
I’ve created this site to highlight my most recent passion and work…building violins, or “fiddles”…

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I started the Pomeroy Mandolin shop about 13 years ago. Together with son Josh, we’ve built over 200 custom mandolins, mandolas, octaves and mandocellos. The Pomeroy shop is still going strong, but lately, as a fiddler myself, I found myself in the shop…more and more…building fiddles. This site is to showcase my efforts.

My hope is to convey more than anything the small shop, hands-on nature of my work, the process start to finish, the passion and craftsmanship that goes into each instrument, and of course the idea that I know it’s really how they sound, feel and play in the end that makes them worthy of your interest. I hope I have succeeded to this end. -Don Paine

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Currently Available

Fiddle D051412
D051412 SOLD
Carpathian Spruce top
Sycamore Maple back and sides
Bright, airy and rich tone
Good dynamics, very responsive

Fiddle D011617
Colorado Englemann Spruce top
Vermont Red Maple back and sides
Big, open full-range tones
Deep full lows, rich, warms highs

Fiddle D101415
D101415 SOLD
Colorado Engelmann Spruce top
Red Maple back, neck & sides
Warm, full tone
Woody, responsive volume

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I have known Don and Josh Paine for 12 years now both as fellow luthiers and musicians. The craftsmanship and tone they instill in their instruments is superb. As an instrument repairman myself, I have developed an eye for detail in this field and I’m always amazed by the flawless appearance and set-up of the Pomeroy instruments. As a musician, I am equally impressed by the balanced sounds that these instruments produce. Beautiful woody low tones and crisp clear high notes are consistent throughout all their instruments. I am so impressed that I bought a fiddle for myself and I am loving it!
Kory Khral, Kansas City, KS

Hi Don, I have just returned from my group lesson with Hope Grietzer. She saw and sawed on “Maude” (#11) for the entire lesson. She just raved about everything she noticed about the fiddle. She gave me her fiddle for the lesson and thank god she gave “Maude” back. I was a little worried for awhile. She loved the tone, the responsiveness, the action, the wood, the color and finish. This was not her being polite or diplomatic. She genuinely loved Li’l Maudie and loved putting her through her paces. I should say that listening to her fiddle in class and on CD had a big part in my wanting one of yours. In addition, “Maude” compares equally with Hope’s fiddle, which quite old and broken in. So be very proud of your work as she is held in very high regard in these parts!
Hal Cunningham, Binghamton NY

I’m the proud owner Don’s 3rd fiddle. As an old-time fiddler, it’s just what I was looking for. The tone is warm, full but very…how can I say it…”fiddly.” Playability is excellent, with a clear, balanced tone up and down the neck. The finish is subtle and very meticulously done. Overall, the craftmanship is wonderful and very easy to deal with. I couldn’t be happier!
Belita Mulinax, Austin, TX

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Contact Don

Please feel free to contact me
with orders and/or questions.


(970) 274-0659

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Pomeroy Instruments
Quality hand-crafted mandolins by Josh and Don Paine

The Crowlin Ferlies
An Old-Timey/Bluegrassy/Celtic band from Aspen, Colorado

The Defiance Stringband
An Eclectic Acoustic Americana band
from Glenwood Springs, Colorado



“Fiddler’s Reel”
Nate Paine – fiddle
Don Paine – banjo
Trevor Paine – guitar

1. Coleman’s March
2. Fiddler’s Reel
3. Hangman’s Reel
4. Lookout Blues
5. New River Train
6. Aside From Your Mother, Who Do You Love?
7. Skating on the Harbourfront
8. Under the Double Eagle
9. Brown Kelly Waltz
10. Watchman Ring That Bell
11. West Kentucky Unlimited
12. Whoa Mule
13. Wild Hog in the Woods
14. Mississippi Echoes
15. Moon Over the Hill
16. Abe’s Retreat

“Circle of Time”
Don Paine – vocals, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar
April Paine – vocals, bass, guitar
Don Kaufman – vocals, guitar
John Sommers – vocals, mandolin, banjo, guitar

1. Come With Me
2. Booth Shot Lincoln
3. Bring Your Cloths Back Home
4. Korobushka
5. One Voice
6. Craggy Spring
7. If We Never Meet Again
8. Ride
9. Folsom Prison Blues
10. Little Bird of Heaven
11. Galaxy Song
12. Keep Your Hat On Jenny
13. Hallelujah / Ways of the World

“Waiting For The Train”
Don Paine – vocals, fiddle, banjo, mandolin
April Paine – vocals, bass
Don Kaufman – vocals
Robert Rosenberg – guitar, banjo

1. Train on the Island
2. I Can’t Wait
3. Paddy On the Turnpike
4. Glorybound / Sally in the Garden
5. Someday You’ll Call My Name
6. Wagon Wheel
7. The Blackest Crow
8. L&N Rag
9. Sail Away Ladies

To order CDs, please contact me.
Defiance Stringband CDs are also available on Amazon